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Let Your Heart Sing

Host: Sheila Moschen
Time: Daily at 1pm and 7pm
Program length: 30 minutes

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51. Some New Voices

52. Irish Music

53. Ann Purcell's CD Songs to the Full Moon

54. TM Family Singers

55. TM Singers

56. Valentine's Day Show

57. Unbounded Awareness

58. Horizontal Program with Andy McKenzie

59. Variety Show

60. Listeners' Favorites

61. Variety Show

62. A New Variety Show

63. Outdoor Songs

64. Father's Day Show 2

65. Sweet Sunday Show

66. Veda Songs

67. Stan Stansberry's Interview & Birthday Show

68. Mother Divine's Continental Courses + Birthday Show

69. Dream Songs

70. Variety Show

71. Dream Songs 2

72. Love Songs

73. Songs from Western Massachusetts

74. Variety Show

75. Love Songs 2

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Sheila Moschen has been creating 1/2 hour radio shows called "Let Your Heart Sing" featuring interviews and songs by local (and not so local) singer-songwriters. These shows are becoming more and more popular and are now available to listen to online.

Be sure to tune in to KHOE 90.5 FM or visit online at at 1pm and 7pm Central Time.