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The book "The Supreme Awakening", Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time - And How You Can Cultivate Them, is authored by MUM's Dr. Craig Pearson. Dr. Pearson talked about the book this past Friday evening at Dalby Hall in the Argiro Center. This book is destined to become a landmark piece of literature for all interested in higher states of consciousness, and the experience of living it.

Craig Pearson - mp3 1 hr, 17.2MB

Executive Vice President Dr. Craig Pearson interviewed on KHOE's "A Chat With The Dean" with Dr. Cathy Gorini on his new book "The Supreme Awakening - Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time, and How You Can Cultivate them".

Craig Pearson and Cathy Gorini - mp3 57 min, 16.4MB

KHOE's show "A Chat With The Dean" with Dean of faculty Cathy Gorini, features Dr. Robert Schneider, Dean, Maharishi College of Perfect Health. A great conversation, of course about health, and wonderful introduction to MUM's special guest speaker Monday May 5th at 8 PM in Dalby Hall.

Robert Schneider and Cathy Gorini - mp3 20 min, 5.7MB

Listen in to World Radio KHOE, 90.5 FM to hear Dr. Maheshwari talk about his new Book, "Business Intelligence and Data Mining Made Accessible," along with 2 of his very successful students.

Dr. Anil Maheshwari & Students - mp3 30 min, 8.56MB

World Radio KHOE 90.5 FM presents the 2014 Valedictorian and Salutatorian addresses by Donna Marie Jones and Rheanne Schlee, two budding world leaders and recent graduates of Maharishi University of Management.
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Donna Jones and Rheanne Schlee - mp3 28 min, 8.16MB

Missed the Maharishi University of Management 2014 Summer Celebration? Tune into World Radio KHOE, 90.5 FM to hear highlights from this very inspiring celebration.

Summer Celebration 2014 - mp3 1 hr 25 min, 24.3 MB

Tune in to World Radio KHOE, 90.5 FM to hear the latest in the Truth and Labeling issues about GMOs in food.

Anne Dietrich on GMOs - mp3 22 min, 6.36 MB

Join Rajeswari Dr. Candace Badgett, Dr. Peter Scharf, Dr. David Scharf and moderator Dean Cathy Gorini in a lively informative interview on the upcoming World Vedic Studies (WAVES) conference titled Vedic Living in a Modern World.

Vedic Living in a Modern World - mp3 38 min, 10.7 MB

Poet, author, and long time Invincible America course participant Emanuel (Emo) Baer delights us with poetry and stories from his vast treasury of wisdom and experience.

Emo Baer and daughter Naomi - mp3 26 min, 7.47 MB

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