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Drs. Peter & Susie Swan An interview with visiting faculty Drs. Peter and Susie Swan. Peter is teaching a course in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, and Susie talks about the new Vedic Garden Design Institute. Interviewers are Dean of Faculty Dr. Cathy Gorini, and KHOE Station Manager Stan Stansberry.

Recorded February 2011

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Drs. Alaric and Cynthia Arenander Drs. Alaric & Cynthia Arenander, interviewed by station Manager Stan Stansberry.

Topic: "The Brain-Mouth-Body connection : Enjoying the journey towards old age in a healthy, graceful, blissful manner." Alaric & Cynthia are directors of "Anti-Aging Company", which offers products and services to promote healthy aging and longevity.

Recorded March 2011   (mp3 24 min , 8 MB)

Isabelle, Jane & Ed

"Exploring the Inner Dimensions of Sound & Self-Expression"

M.U.M. Music professors Isabelle Matzkin and Jane Roman Pitt discuss the new Creative Musical Arts Program offered at MUM and the university's first Music and Consciousness Symposium held May 1415, 2011. Isabelle & Jane interview visiting professor Ed Sarath, founder of the Program in Creativity & Consciousness at University of Michigan, who is a keynote speaker at the Symposium.

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Peter Wallce 20-year-old Peter Wallace (pictured left) left his California home in the 1960's to seek enlightenment. In this talk, given to the new Vedic Science class of 2011, he recounts his adventures along the way, his first meeting with Maharishi in India, and the part he played in the expansion of TM to students in the United States.

Maharishi recognized in Peter the potential of open-minded youth to promote the Vedic knowledge that life is naturally bliss.

Talk was given in May 2011
(mp3 60 min , 20 MB)

Dr. Mona Kagi-Causemann Dr.Mona Kagi-Causemann, Mother of the Domain of Switzerland, interviewed on KHOE's program "Chat with the Dean", hosted by Dean of Faculty Dr. Cathy Gorini.

Topics include Dr. Mona's experiences at M.U.M., her training as a Maharishi Ayurved Naturopath, and her role in starting Maharishi University of Vedic Medicine in Switzerland.

Recorded June 2011
(mp3 30 min , 10 MB)

Raja Harris & Bob Markowitz Raja Harris Kaplan, Raja of Invincible India, is interviewed by KHOE station manager Stan Stansberry, and Bob Markowitz, Executive Regional Director of the Transcendental Meditation Program.

Raja Harris discusses the role of a Raja of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace , and the significant contribution to world peace that the Maharishi Pandit Program is providing.

Recorded September 2011
(mp3 38 min , 13 MB)

Dr. David Orme-Johnson Dean of Faculty Dr. Cathy Gorini interviews pioneer Transcendental Meditation researcher Dr. David Orme-Johnson. Topics include Dr. Orme-Johnson's beginning days of Meditation, his years of groundbreaking research on the effects of Transcendental Meditation, and his first meeting with Maharishi.

Recorded September 2011
(mp3 59 min , 20 MB)

Peter Wallace

Peter Wallace is interviewed by Dean of Faculty Cathy Gorini, in this installment in a series on the history of the TM Movement.

Peter tells how his younger brother Keith, who did pioneering research on Transcendental Meditation, got involved. Keith is now Chairperson of the Department of Physiology & Health at M.U.M.

Peter also speaks of the power and profundity of the Invincible America Assembly, of which he is a participant, as a manifestation of the greatness of Maharishi's teaching.

Recorded Oct 2 2011
(mp3 55 min , 19 MB)

Dr. David Orme-Johnson Long time proponent of Valmiki's Ramayan, Michael Sternfeld, is interviewed by KHOE Station manager Stan Stansberry. Michael, who has an M.A. in Maharishi Vedic Science, has had a long & successful career researching and producing many productions of the epic tale.

Michael speaks about the significance of this world classic, and its relation to the human physiology as brought out by Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam.

Michael will be teaching a course on the Ramayana: "The Art of the Ramayan" through Maharishi University of Management, starting Oct 16.

Recorded Oct 11, 2011
(mp3 21 min , 7 MB)

Dr. David Orme-Johnson Directors of the Maharishi Light Therapy With Gems program Dr. Keith Wegman and Philippa Mecham are interviewed by KHOE Station Manager Stan Stansberry.

Topics include the history of the development of this Maharishi Vedic Technology of Consciousness, its principles and practice, and sample testimonials from participants.

Recorded September 2011
(mp3 32 min , 11 MB)

Raja John Konhaus "Growing foods to nourish, enhance health and promote evolution".

This is a presentation given by Raja Dr. John Konhaus, Director of the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute (and Raja of Invincible Japan), Dr. Sara Konhaus, PhD in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, and Acharya Gopal Krishna Dave-ji.

Recorded Oct 16, 2011 at the Argiro Student Center.
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Anand Shrivastava "An Evening of Maharishi Ayurveda".

With Anand Shrivastava , Chairman and Managing director of Maharishi Ayurveda Products, Ltd. in India. In this talk, he shares his memories of the beginning days of Maharishi Ayurveda: How Maharishi began it, what it has accomplished, and a vision for the future.

Other speakers:
Dr. Robert Keith Wallace, Professor of Physiology and Health, Co-Dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health, University Trustee, and founding president of Maharishi University of Management.

Dr. Robert Schneider, a leading researcher in the effects of Transcendental Meditation on Caridiovascular Health.

Alan Marks, CEO, Maharishi Ayurveda International USA

Recorded Nov 22, 2011 at the Argiro Student Center.
(Part 1 mp3 52 min ,18 MB )
(Part 2 mp3 59 min ,20 MB )

Supriya Vidic "A Chat With The Dean".

Dean Cathy Gorini interviews M.U.M. Media & Communications student Supriya Vidic. Ms. Vidic has had an adventurous life. She has served in the US Armed Services in South Korea and Iraq, and just returned from an internship in New York City with the David Lynch Foundation. There she worked with Operation Warrior Wellness,  which uses Transcendental Meditation to help veterans suffering from PTSD.

Recorded Nov 23, 2011.
(mp3 16 min ,5.5 MB )

Drs Arenander "What's New On Campus".

Drs. Alarik & Cynthia Arenander present their 8th and final popular "Individual Is Cosmic" course starting Dec.5th.

The course features an electronic presentation of the corresondences between human physiology and the Ved, drawn from Raja Nader Ram's book. According to the Arenanders, experiencing the presentation, which Maharishi worked on for 10 years, "creates a dynamic to reorganize brain & bodily physiology".

Hear some of the course participants' experiences in this 22 minute interview
( mp3 8MB ), recorded Nov 29,2011.

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD "Staying Healthy After Fifty"

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD shares anti-aging and health tips and addresses specific health risks and solutions for our meditating community. Dr. Lonsdorf has been practicing integrative medicine and Maharishi Ayurveda for over 25 years and has been serving the Fairfield community for 12 years.

Recorded Dec. 16th in Dalby Hall in the Argiro Student Center.

Part 1 mp3 49 min, 17MB
Part 2 mp3 57 min, 20MB

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