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Special Message of Peace from Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam

Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam has a powerful video message of how real peace can be created for the world. Let's share this message with all our friends on social media so that it spreads far and wide.

popular programs

This Week in the Vedic Calendar - This is a popular show by Dr. Rod Eason

Maharishi News Conference - Wednesdays live broadcast at 10 am. Rebroadcast at 8 pm, Fridays at 6 am, and Saturdays at 2 pm

Freewill and Determinism - Dr. Sam Boothby presents this fascinating radio show

Choices - Dr. Keith Wallace, Dean, Maharishi College of Perfect Health, and Founding President, MUM

World Literature - Susan Anderson

Uncle Bunkin - Country and Western

Sheila's KHOE Radio Shows - uplifting songs hosted by Sheila Moschen

recent podcasts

"Meditate & Create" - a panel discussion about meditation and the creative process, and the David Lynch MFA program

"The Debate of the Century" - a presentation by Professor Peter Freund and Dimitrios Karasis, "Vedic Debate based on Maharishi's Vision of Total Knowledge". Listen in on how it was done and revel in the mechanics and knowledge of this rewarding technique

Renowned Ayurveda Vaija - Dr. Manohar guides us through food and medicine, the differences and similarities, towards the goal of perfect health

"Was Ancient Greece an Outpost of Vedic India?" - One of the excellent "October Surprise" talks given in Dalby Hall by Dr. Ken Chandler

The Ramayana: A New Retelling of Valmiki's Ancient Epic—Complete and Comprehensive - Listen to authors Linda Egenes and Kumuda Reddy, M.D., as they discuss the timeless adventure of the Ramayana epic and their own adventure in writing

The Mother Divine Program - "Let Your Heart Sing" is featuring beautiful songs by current and former members of The Mother Divine Program, and learn about Mother Divine's Expansion Campaign.

Unified Field Band - The new program "Let Your Heart Sing" is featuring the MIU famous "Unified Field Band" with an interview with their bassist, Fairfield's own James Moore. Listen in to the great songs that used to rock the dome.

How the Cow can Heal the World - Hosted by ELI, this talk by Sustainable Living professor Dr. Thimmaiah, Ph.D., held everyone spell bound in Dalby Hall as he depicted the cow from Vedic times to the present as companion and healer of mankind.

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